Pockets for Your Breakfast Pockets

Gear up to fuel up with the Breakfast Pockets Pockets Collection—a streetwear collection with insulated pockets for your Breakfast Pockets.

Put on Breakfast Pockets Pockets and take Breakfast Pockets to-go. With insulated, food-safe pockets, each piece in this streetwear collection doesn’t just look like fire, it keeps your Breakfast Pockets hot too.

All Proceeds Are Donated to School Breakfast Programs Through Toonies for Tummies

  • Insulated, Food Safe Pockets

    Each pocket pocket is made with Insul Fabric, meaning it doesn’t just keep your Breakfast Pocket hotter longer, it’s also 100% food safe.

  • Fully Machine Washable

    After wearing the Pockets Pockets Collection, pop them in the wash and tumble dry low to keep them clean breakfast after breakfast.

  • Made in Canada

    The Breakfast Pockets Pockets Collection was designed by award-winning, Canadian designer, Hayley Elsaesser and manufactured in Vancouver, BC.